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About Us

Bringing to the table a vast array of musical experiences, cellist Rachel Beard and guitarist Jeffrey Storms have created a unique and inspired musical sound.

Blending classical styling and lyrical, heartfelt harmonies, “Licensed to Dream” balances this unlikely duo of instruments with an elegant simplicity, creating a sound classical, yet modern, and uniquely their own.

Rachel stumbled upon a dusty child-sized cello in her grandfather’s house at the age of nine, and knew it was meant to be. She graduated with a degree in Music Education from Moravian college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 2009, and a master's in Music Education from Kent State University in 2012. Classically trained but not classically minded, she enjoys adding the versatile sound of the cellos to genres outside of the Classical world.  She teaches cello and chidren's Kindermusik classes in Dutchess County (visit her site at

Jeffrey Storms began his musical journey 30 years ago, starting with percussion at four, picking up the guitar and piano at seven, and giving his first public performance by the age of twelve. He has contributed to countless musical projects as a percussionist, guitarist, and backing vocalist, participating in a vast array of studio work and live performances. After studying many genres of music, he has currently settled into studying “fingerstyle guitar.”